World Record Attempt at Largest Knitted Blanket Fort

Join Timaru District Libraries in attempting to break the Guinness World Record for the Largest Knitted Blanket Fort - 700 square metres.

To date, the record for the largest blanket fort (625.79 square metres) belong to Murderboat, an event management company and Rumpl, an outdoor and sporting goods company. The two organisations broke the record together in 2018 in Portland, Oregon.

To beat the record it is roughly 16 knitted squares for every person in the District. Each square is knitted in garter stitch – 20 stitches by 40 rows – 10cm square – double knit yarn, 4mm needles”, says Adele Hewlett, Libraries Manager.

For every 16 squares a knitter returns to a branch of Timaru District Libraries they can enter into a prize draw. There will be 2 draws - a Children’s (16 and under) and an Adults.

To date the response from the community has been fantastic and we are well on our way to breaking the record.  Please keep knitting those peggy squares (or if you haven't yet started, see below for the instructions on the size of our peggy squares and get out your knitting needles and join in the fun today).